Mill v1

Room-Based Control

  • The Mill Driver is designed for room-based control. It requires that devices are assigned to a room in the Mill app and are not set in "Control Individually" mode.

Unified Room Control in Homey

  • In this driver, each room configured in the Mill app is represented as a single device in Homey. This approach groups multiple heaters together, allowing for unified control of all heaters in a room.


  • Temperature Control: The driver allows setting target temperatures for different modes like comfort, sleep, and away.

  • Mode Control: Users can change the mode of the room (e.g., weekly_program, comfort, sleep, away, vacation).

  • Power Usage Monitoring: It includes the capability to monitor and report the power usage of all devices in a room.

Flow Cards and API Interaction

  • The driver supports various Homey flow cards for triggering actions based on mode changes, heating status, and matching modes.

  • It interacts with the Mill Cloud API to fetch and update room and device states.

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