Using the App

Controlling Your Mill Heaters

  • Thermostat Mode Changes: Trigger actions when the thermostat mode changes.

  • Conditions: Check if the thermostat is heating or not, and what mode it's in.

  • Actions: Set the thermostat mode to Comfort, Sleep, Away, or Program.

Pro Tips

  • For full control with Homey, enable "Control Device Individually" in the Mill app.

  • Now supports Energy (requires re-pairing if the device was added before version 1.0.6).

Privacy and Disclaimer

Privacy Policy

  • The app uses for logging exceptions and errors. No personal or device information is sent, only error logs.


  • Use the app at your own risk. The app is developed using the same APIs and interfaces as the official Mill app, but there is a chance that API calls can have unexpected consequences.

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