The Public Transport Updates feature in the Norske Tjenester app keeps you updated with real-time information from Entur. This functionality is designed to provide accurate and up-to-date public transportation information in Norway, ensuring you're always informed about your next bus or train.

Real-Time Information from Entur

The app integrates with Entur's API to fetch real-time data on public transportation. This includes information on departure times, delays, and route changes for buses, trains, and other public transport modes.

Setting Up Public Transport Updates in Norske Tjenester

  1. Install the App: Ensure that the Norske Tjenester app is installed on your Homey Pro.

  2. Add Transport Device: In the Homey app, go to 'Devices' and add a new device. Choose 'Public Transport' from the list of devices in the Norske Tjenester app.

  3. Configure Settings: Enter your location and preferences to receive customized transport information.

Features and Capabilities of Public Transport Updates

  • Real-Time Updates: Receive updated information on departure times and delays.

  • Customized Alerts: Set up alerts for your regular routes or stops.

  • Flexible Planning: Plan your journeys based on real-time data directly from Entur.

Using Public Transport Updates in Daily Commute

  • Utilize real-time information to more efficiently plan your daily commute.

  • Set up Homey flows to automate actions based on transport updates, such as turning on lights or sending notifications.

Troubleshooting Public Transport Updates

  • If you experience issues with updates, first check that your internet connection is stable.

  • Ensure that all settings are correctly configured for your location and transport preferences.

  • For further assistance, you can create a diagnostic report within the Homey app and email it to the support for help.

Privacy and Data Usage in Public Transport Updates

  • The app respects user privacy and only uses necessary data to fetch relevant transport information.

  • No personal data is shared with third parties.

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