The Package Tracking feature in the Norske Tjenester app allows users to track their shipments from Posten/Bring and PostNord. This functionality provides real-time updates on the status of your packages, ensuring you're always informed about their whereabouts.

How It Works

  • The app uses the tracking APIs of Posten/Bring and PostNord to fetch the latest tracking information.

  • Users can enter their package tracking number in the app settings, and the app will display the current status of their shipment.

Setting Up Package Tracking in Norske Tjenester

  1. Install the App: Make sure the Norske Tjenester app is installed on your Homey Pro.

  2. Add Package Tracking Device: In the Homey app, go to 'Devices' and add a new device. Choose 'Package Tracking' from the list of devices in the Norske Tjenester app.

  3. Configure Settings: Enter your package tracking number in the device settings. This number is essential for the app to track your shipment.


  • Sensor Tracking: Shows the latest event or status update for your package.

  • Sensor Tracking Sender: Displays the name of the sender associated with the tracking number.


  • Ensure that the tracking number is entered correctly in the app settings.

  • If the tracking information is not updating, check your internet connection and try refreshing the data.

  • For further assistance, users can create a diagnostic report within the Homey app and email it to nt@coderax.dev for support.

Privacy and Data Usage

  • The app respects user privacy and only uses the tracking number to fetch relevant shipment information.

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