Norske flaggdager


The Flag Days Notifications feature in the Norske Tjenester app helps you celebrate every official flag day in Norway. This functionality ensures that you are always aware of these special days, adding a festive touch to your calendar.

How It Works

  • The app contains a built-in calendar of all official Norwegian flag days.

  • Users receive notifications on these days, reminding them to celebrate and possibly hoist the Norwegian flag.

Setting Up Flag Days Notifications in Norske Tjenester

  1. Install the App: Make sure the Norske Tjenester app is installed on your Homey Pro.

  2. Enable Flag Days Notifications: This feature is typically enabled by default. Check the app settings to ensure that Flag Days Notifications are active.


  • Sensor Flag Days: Indicates the occurrence of an official flag day in Norway.

  • Meter Flag Days Sensor: Provides a countdown to the next flag day, showing how many days are left.

Using Flag Days Notifications

  • On each official flag day, the app will send a notification to your Homey Pro.

  • These notifications can be used to trigger specific Homey flows, such as turning on special lights or playing festive music.


  • If you're not receiving flag day notifications, check your app settings to ensure the feature is enabled.

  • Ensure your Homey Pro is connected to the internet to receive timely updates.

Privacy and Data Usage

  • The app respects user privacy and does not require any personal data for this feature.

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